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4 Reasons Why Our Education System Is Leaving Us Unemployed

Posted by Aishwarya Sandeep in Education
January 27, 2018

The new government promised, jobs to our youngsters, yet we quite often only come across articles in the media about the amount of layoff’s that the companies propose.

Every other day we read about the increasing number of educated unemployment in our country. Here are a few reasons as per me due to which the number of educated unemployed Indians are increasing.

1. Low Quality Of Education

Human beings are called socially adaptable because they adapt to the new surroundings very soon. Yet, many times we fail to adapt to new changes in our surroundings and teach them to our children. The quality of education provided in our schools and colleges in every stream is outdated.

To adapt changes in the syllabus, it takes the government years and years. While education system encourages mugging or rattebaazi since the first day of school, they conveniently forget about adopting new technology in our syllabus.

2. Quantity And Not Quality Is What Matters

Earlier, there were very few professional colleges. Getting into a REC or a government medical college was in itself a big achievement. The professors who taught in these colleges were not only well qualified but also understood their students well.

Unfortunately today nobody wants to get into a REC or a government college because they have leaky roofs and no AC corridors. For today’s students, the best college is the college which has a fancy campus, wi-fi and other facilities. They calmly ignore the quality of education imparted.

I remember when I was looking out for admissions for a law degree, we barely had 25 colleges across Mumbai and Thane District. Now within seven years, I am sure there are more than 50 law colleges in the same area. Our government has freely permitted the rich to open colleges and collect donations, ignoring the standard that is maintained by these colleges.

3. Ignorance Of Skills

One of the problems of our education system is that, we promote mugging, i.e. we are never encouraged to think or to ask questions. Our teachers, neighbours and families assume that if you can get the perfect answer as written in the guide and get the perfect 10, then you are the best student. Often in our society, intelligence is judged by the two digits in your result. If your numbers are less, because you could not write the answer as perfectly as it was written in the guide, then you are a failure.

Nowadays many schools have started a ‘project system’ for children. But how many children complete their projects on their own? Why do schools give the children projects and assignments, which they are not capable of doing on their own? Instead of that if the schools taught them the skills of research, analysis and logical reasoning and then asked them to do one project or assignment in Class 10 or 12. Remember, people just need to learn the skill to survive.

4. The Mindset Of The Students

I have also been a visiting faculty at a couple of colleges. Unfortunately, the first question that students ask in the first lecture is Ma’am, which guide is better for exams. Sadly, even when we reach our professional courses, we cannot give up on guides. The students are sadly told that once they enter the professional courses, they have to mug up the concept and just get marks but not to learn the skills required for the particular profession.

Unfortunately, maybe that is the reason, why today we do not have good quality doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc as we had before. The rich just build colleges to make more money, students join them to get a degree, the government permits them to show an increase in education and development and the corporates employ these students to make some quick money from the colleges.

Yes, many times, corporate organisations employ from a certain college and keep them on the bench for some time and then ask them to resign or terminate them. In this way, the corporates get money from the colleges, and the colleges can show 100% placement.

It is high time now that we change our mindset, for a better education system.