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How to book the cheapest possible flight to anywhere

Posted by Trisha Williams
January 8, 2018

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Do you wish to spend the least on your flight tickets? Are you looking for the cheapest airfare that will obviate the necessity of spending a fortune on your airfare? Is travelling cheap yet convenient your top priority?

If the answer to the above questions is YES, then congratulations, you’re on the right page. For in this blog, we help you learn how to book the cheapest possible flight to anywhere and instead use that saved money for shopping!

Keep your travel dates flexible

The cheapest deals are struck on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, therefore it makes much sense to avoid booking  flight tickets on weekends. Choose dates that fall on the mid-days of the week because on these days, flights fly mostly empty and accept passengers at a cheap airfare.

Visit the airlines’ official website

In most of the cases, the flight tickets are the cheapest on the official website of the carrying airline. Hence in addition to comparing the ticket price on multiple websites, also visit the official website of the airline so that you may not miss out on the cheapest available option (if any).

Go incognito

The cookies on your computer save the frequent searches and use this stored information to give you flight suggestions. Mind you that these are the most expensive bargains of the lot and therefore it is wise to keep your searches private.

Be active on social media

Why be left behind when everyone else uses social media to crack some cheap flight deals? Airlines come up with striking offers on various social media platforms on a first come first serve basis. Make the most of these offers so that you make some true savings on the airfare.

Carry minimum luggage

Of course this will help your shoulders be at ease, but primarily it will put less of a burden on your wallet. Weigh your baggage at home prior to weighing it at the airport so that you can be assured of staying within the permissible limit of the airline, thereby avoiding extra charges.

Carry your own food

Snacks at the airport are really expensive and mostly unhealthy options to feast on. Pack some fruits, dates, dry nuts, dark chocolate and biscuits for your journey so that you eat healthy and simultaneously save money onboard.

Recheck the price of your ticket next morning

It has been observed that the price of the ticket you booked yesterday might show a steep drop the next morning! In such a scenario, do not hesitate to cancel the booking that you’ve already made and instead go for a cheaper ticket. There is absolutely no penalty in doing so.

Avoid flying during the peak season

Festivals are a reason to rejoice for the airliners since maximum people fly on these days with maximum charges levied on the airfare. Hence if you are looking for cheaper bets, peak season will not be considered a safe bet. Instead plan your trip during offseason.

Be open to the idea of connecting flights

Industry experts say that flying to a place on a connecting flight is much cheaper than flying directly to it, especially in case of a long haul flight. Hence be open and consider the option of connecting flights rather than spend a fortune on the direct ones.

Try to mix and match flights

Instead of booking a round flight, you could choose to mix airlines, for example depart on an Air India flight and return on a Jet Airways airline. This mixing and matching helps you depart on the cheapest day and also relaxes you of the pressure to book a round trip.

Be a frequent flyer

Once you are listed in the frequent flyers category, every time you make a booking, you attract some reward points in your account. These points can be traded to avail discounts on your airfare and if you are lucky enough, you may also be treated with complimentary drinks or food onboard!

Now that you know how to book the cheapest possible flight to anywhere, all you should be doing is pack your bags, book your tickets and head towards your favourite destination! Happy holiday to you!

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