How to crack JEE exams without Coaching classes???

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January 23, 2018

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At SISTec, we always stress the importance of self-study. No amount of coaching can replace the effect of the priority you give to your ‘me-time’ with your books/studies.

How to do it?

1)      Join JEE Crash Course: Every year SISTec which is one of the best private engineering colleges in MP Bhopal organizes a JEE crash course for 12th std students. They provide set of study materials and practice questions & the classes are been taken by one of the best teachers of the town.

2)      Focus on 12th Std: Keep JEE as your second preference and study hard for 12th exams.

3)      Don’t loose sleep: Have a proper sound sleep of 8 hours a day.

4)      Think Big: To get the goal you want in life, you need motivation. The bigger your dream, the bigger is your success. Motivation creates commitment, which in turn creates zeal to just make it happen.

5)      Every battle is first won in the mind. Some people are in the habit of leaving jobs half-finished. Quitting is a negative habit and won’t take you far in life.

6)      Take Your First Step: Know exactly where you stand and what do you need to get through this exam. Ask yourself “Am I ready?” Once you are mentally and physically prepared, you need to know about the examination like eligibility criteria, exam pattern, reservation policy (if you are in India), how many students are competing and important dates of examination.

7)      Right Approach: Now it’s time to collect study material. Ask your teacher which writer’s book is best for this particular topic? Along with it purchase sample papers of the exam from a local market shop.

8)      Time Management: The students should properly plan their time. Time management is a very critical factor in preparation of any exam

9)      Dedication: Dedication and spirit both are two sides of the same coin. Both work extremely well if they are in coordination.

10)  Negative thoughts really affect the whole study plan. Don’t let it ruin your confidence. Believe in yourself and say it loudly “I will make it”. Another important thing is to visualize that you have cracked the examination. How happy you are and how much proud your parents and your relatives are. This will surely boost your confidence and you will feel better.

11)  Syllabus Check: A lot of students study everything even it is not in entrance examinations’ syllabus. Keep the syllabus of examination on the study table. Check it before you begin and after you end your studies to know how much you need to cover this day.

If you are preparing for JEE then you need to be disciplined, motivated and focused. No amount of coaching classes can replace self-study. Learn all the important concepts in a very comprehensive way. Practice questions from a wide array of relevant practice questions. Finally, the crash course of SISTec is very effective in increasing your JEE scores as they provide detailed analysis so that your strengths can be sharpened and weaknesses can be rectified.

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