How to retain users and keep them glued to your app

Posted by Arun Goyal
January 29, 2018

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2017 has been quite eventful for the mobile app development and the trend will continue to dominate in the year 2018 as well. With such immense competition existing out there, the businesses that are on the road of mobile app development are likely to face immense competition and it will become more tuff and fierce in the coming days.

In the today’s scenario, earning the consumer satisfaction is turning to be tedious and the task that is getting more toil is to regain the trust of your old users. Users’ retention is something that is making business very pissed off and keeping the users glued to the app is yet another challenging task lined up in the queue.

If we go through some of the facts and figures, around 75% of users tend to un-install or do not land on the app after the 72 hours and the figures escalate to 90% in a month. Well, these figures are really breathtaking and thus mobile app developers and the business are required to tie the laces so as to keep the users on the app.

So, what is the importance of user retention? Well, it has been revealed the revenue of the companies hike up to 30% if the retention rate increases to 5-7%. The figures can increase up to even 80% if the retention rate goes impressively high. Thus, owing to these parameters, businesses are continuously thriving to augment the retention rates.

So, keep reading the post for identifying the strategies that will help the business to achieve high user’s retention rate and also will keep the users glued to the app.


1.)    Target your consumers

Since the app is for your users, then why not attract them with the aid of right marketing strategies. So it’s the time for the businesses to buckle –up their marketing strategies for targeting their users. If you are running the business, you must know how to market your app and if it is done in a right way, probably you might conserve a vast user base.

The business can just focus on creating the profiles of their target consumers along with their interests, requirements, services they seek to avail, the platform they use and other details. This way it can get easy for the businesses to plan their marketing strategies, as with these approaches they will be targeting their users in just the right way.


2.)    Give app updates

Users just love to use updated products. They are pretty much attracted to new technologies, features, and everything innovative that comes with your product.  By giving the regular updates, businesses and the mobile app developers can simply erase the obsolete features of the app.

This helps in attracting the users and also keeps them glued to the products, as your app is serving all the latest solution required by them.

There are few other things that come attuned to the app updates such as fast loading time, impressive add-on’s etc. Going by this way increases the retention and also keeps the users at a bay from using some other solution.


3.)    Choose the correct optimization techniques

No matter how fast the technology is evolving, users still render to seek apps delivering sound performance and quality.  A good and a quality mobile app still attract the users and thus, the developers must emphasize on making it strong on the grounds of operability parameters.

Now when we are talking about optimization, the app loading time is the first segment that needs to be discussed here.  In case the app loading time is higher, the users will abandon the app after using it for the very first time.

The Google places the app having the loading time less than 2 seconds in the slow category zone, well probably if this happens with your app, the rank of your app on the app stores is bound to decrease, Hence make sure that your app loads with just the right speed and accomplishes the tasks of the users within the minimized time zone.


4.)    Cater an intuitive impression

A fresh app will attract the users at the very first sight while a clumsy and densely populated app with lots of features will be abandoned by the users. Precisely, it is a game of just a few minutes. The app which impresses the users at the very first sight is downloaded by the users, thus try to make their first app visiting experience awesome.

The only way to deliver an amazing experience is:  to resonate the UI and UX of your app. Well, here do not get confused between the two. UI is focused on the icons, graphics and the images used while the UX is developed according to the user research and the requirements.

The app must be easy to use for the person using the app for the first time. It must proffer easy navigation and must be able to accomplish various daily activities. In case, your app lacks the UI and UX standards, it will perpetuate a negative user base.


5.)    Use mobile deep linking

This is not a new word in the mobile app development but just to memorize, mobile deep linking is more or less like the app URL that transfers the users to the first page of the app, from where it was navigated for the first time.

The aforementioned concept is pretty much useful in providing the secular upsurge in the user experience. It saves their time and frames a much-boosted ecosystem for accomplishing the tasks.


6.)    Harness the power of social media

All the users in this technical world are simply addicted to social media. The buzz created by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc is not hidden from anyone; therefore business can rely upon the power of social media for attracting the users.

The business can showcase themselves, their services, best solutions they are offering on the defined social media platforms. Almost all the apps such as video streaming, health, grocery, eCommerce etc provide the users to express their views over the social media and thus, in such a culture, using and implementing the social media is certainly one of the best approaches to go with.


Summing Up:

Well, attracting the users is just tough but is certainly not impossible. You can achieve high user’s ratio by implementing the aforementioned techniques in just the right way. There are plentiful of apps that are making the mark, so why not your app can do so?

All that is required is to initiate with the right development standards, marketing tactics, elegant UI, and UX design along with a little extra innovation and there you will see a lot of conversions coming in the way of your mobile app.


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