I am more than what you think of me

Posted by Sasmita Nayak
January 10, 2018

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No one else knows you,your capability,your struggle,your emotions,your nature,your situations more than you .So just believe in yourself and keep going.Never ever give up on yourself. situations will challenge you,will make you feel shattered. so just close your eyes take a deep breath and tell yourself that its nothing ,challenge it and believe one day situations will change .No one have sailed their boat in deep sea without facing the initial storms.
There will be times when people will judge you,hate you,mock you,cheat you,break you,but these people are one of the best teachers of your life who make you more stronger as a person.It may feel like why its me every time,why every thing is so messed up.But don’t you know that gold have to go through fire to shine.People may misunderstand you,but they have not walked on your path to know your upfront.so its fine to be misunderstood or judged.Its okay to do mistakes as well. You need not to explain yourself to everyone all the time because people who loves you, will always accept you as you are,with all your flaws intact.
Life may see pretty unfair,but just buckle up.You are more than this and your success will be the best answer to everything.Your goal may seem far like a mirage or impossible,but as said,impossible in itself says I M POSSIBLE.Never settle in less than you deserve.

 Just one solution to every unfair situation,Try to work so hard to accomplish your goal that situation will surrender itself in front of your will power.if still situation worsens,just remember that it can’t be the end of the story.The bigger the mountains,the tougher the path.But if you keep walking,no one can stop you reach the high.Nothing can defeat unless you accept your defeat.
 And one more thing that never forget to wear your smile  because its the sign of defeat for your opponents  and solace to the heart of your loved ones.

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