I know you are busy. Pause, busy in what?

Posted by Hitesh Mahawar
January 15, 2018

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It is the year 2018, you wanted to write something for many months but never got the time. Even today you don’t have time, but you will write and write your heart out.

What’s the point in being busy, when you don’t know why you are busy and whether this is helping you to grow as a person? You sacrifice everything, your home, your time with your parents, your me time and yourself while being busy, but what have you got? You were busy, you are busy and you will be BUSY. Find some time for yourself, your family and to relax sometime.
This is Mumbai, who tells you that this city never sleeps and it’s true. People from every stratum come here, some for jobs and some to create jobs. Each of them has a dream and wants to achieve that as soon as possible, as easy as possible.
Every day you get up and go early to catch up your local train so that you get a seat to sit, most of the time you fail, but sometimes you succeed. It gives you the taste of success, very less, but it gives. In a minute the whole train fills up with the commuters and they are not stranger, yes they are, but not different from you, because yesterday one of them was on the seat where you are today. So it tells you nothing is permanent even your success on the seat.
You discuss with your friends and colleagues every day about something which you really love and want to do, but you excuse every time about short of time and never do that. Revisit the conversations which you had about your passion and calculate the time you spent on excusing. If you would have saved that and pursued your dream then you could have discussed the thing which you love and did. I know that You know how it feels when you really do something which you love and are passionate about.
Stop for a while, close your eyes and take a deep breath and exhale. Spread your arms, look at the sky and feel the infinity outside….and inside. You are unstoppable, you are your driver, you can do whatever you like, You have all the things which you need to accomplish your goals and pursue your dream. go Go GO

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