Indian Invention named “Bibhorr Formula” Revolutionizes Mathematics!

Posted by Russy G
January 12, 2018

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An Indian teen whizz has literally revolutionized trigonometry by developing an impossibly flawless equation, which unlocks the whole trigonometry. Bibhorr has formulated an equation that can solve trigonometry problems, without the requirement of trigonometric functions like sine, cosine and tan. Sounds crazy? But this is unimaginably true.

With the application of this single equation, all the triangle problems can be easily solved; replacing the use of multiple equations and functions. The formula is a new hope for trigonometry aspiring students as it simplifies the calculations. Who thought that a concept, as big like trigonometry, could be replaced with just a single equation? Well this is 21st century and we deserve it!

Bibhorr (pictured above) is an Indian aerospace scholar who created the new equation.

Bibhorr formula basically establishes relationships among the four elements of a right triangle: three sides and an angle. It is a direct geometrical approach to form side-angle relations. The equation digs all the trigonometric functions, sparing none.

The mind-boggling formula has been classified as the world’s first Samāhikaran type of equation, meaning it has the potential to beat multifarious science concepts. The equation is a signal for the collapse of traditional trigonometry. After all, one true companion is better than many!

Bibhorr is an Indian born math prodigy. He has recently completed his graduation from IGNOU. He is a typical tech geek. He likes to spend a lot of time on computers and electronics. He is also a music lover and has interest in music production.

Out of all the science subjects, Bibhorr believes chemistry is not his field of interest. He finds chemistry quiet awkward. He probably hates chemical reactions.

Bibhorr has always been great at geometry. During his school days in St. Joseph’s, he used to score maximum from geometry section. He says, “I knew that I would do something great in maths or physics, but never expected anything too early.” He concludes, “I am happy for having created a formula that has swallowed all the trigonometric functions.”

From his official channel, Bibhorr released a video that features him explaining the discovery. Watch it out!

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