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Indian youth confused or confident?

Posted by Priya Rathore
January 29, 2018

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India is a developing country and it has a largest youth population. Youths are said to be very important resource for any country as they are the protagonist of the future. So its a big questions for everyone Is Indian youth is really confused or confident???

In my opinion Indian youth is confused as well as confident now I will tell you how when a students is passed out for his school after 12th some are confused about what to peruse next, go for engineering, doctor, pharma, mass communication etc. And some are confident about what they have to do  but they don’t  know from where, whether they are able to prove themselves in this particular field and many other questions roaming in their head.

Someone said that youth is like a pollen that blows in the sky but don’t know why? Youth of India is confident because they know they are moving forward. but confused because they don’t know where they are headed. To resolve these problems government and schools should focus on their counselling about for what they are here for in this world, everybody is not born to become a future engineers and doctors. They need to find their strengths and accordingly work for their dreams. Stop following people or in simpler words this BHEDCHAL attitude should be abolish for the betterment of everyone.

In the recent Annual  status education report (ASER), students in the age of 14-18 who are just stepping in the few years into industries don’t know basic maths , couldn’t able to read the text in their own language and could not able to tell the time. The reason behind this is gaps between education system or they are not attending school because of financial  conditions of house in rural areas.

This is a serious concern and we should think about it because our future is depend on Indians  biggest strengthen i.e. YOUTH

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