India’s location basis job app could change the whole recruitment process

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January 14, 2018

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The recruitment game changes drastically after the Android and mobile app revolution and takes it to a completely new level that was once beyond imagination before a decade where people didn’t even imagine that employment could be possible through a mobile device in upcoming years. During 2011, less than 12% job seekers were searching for the job using mobile app but by the mid of 2017, it becomes more than 81%, and out of this 95% users are in 18-30 age group. A phone was once used for call purpose only, and then we get the colorful screen and after that taking pictures and videos were the most attractive features and finally it connects to the internet and Smartphone comes and changes the whole game that we could ever imagine in the dream. With the explosion of mobile-centric technology after the invention of Android and iOS, more than 63% people shifted towards mobile from the desktop in last 2017, which was below 30% until 2013. On average more than 80% jobs are originated through the mobile devices, and the percentage is more in field jobs as they usually don’t have access to computers and significantly low in desk jobs.


The rise of mobile only users
Initially, experts believed that mobile is only meant for quick and little task-focused work and is not useful for deep information and won’t take the place of computers. PCs are not personal always, and the rise of Smartphone helped people to access the internet personally and rather than a computer which can be accessed by anyone at any time, their information is stored in a small device that could be fitted to the pocket and this psychological effect increases the mobile-only users and forced companies to develop mobile only applications.

How location basis job app helps
 Usually, companies have a mobile-friendly site because of the user demand, however, the focus should be on using more powerful platform for a better recruitment experience. A location basis job app could be helpful in following ways.

Easy to connect
  While social networking site like LinkedIn helps the jobseekers to build the professional network, and other search engines and boards are helping them to find the work through their websites and mobile app, Mintly’s approach is different. The Coimbatore startup’s main focus is to connect the job seekers and recruiters through a marketplace and helps the users to find the jobs based on the location basis. Plenty of jobseekers are moving towards the big cities for jobs, but it’s difficult for everyone to get it, and most of the time they are unaware of the work opportunities in their nearest location and unlike Mintly, currently there is no other app that helps them to find it out.

Doesn’t follow traditional ways
     Leaving the traditional way of recruitment, it adopts a 24X7 customer support approach to help the candidates through various tools like Slack, WhatsApp and social media for finding the better career opportunities. Through the app, users will able to know the number of jobs available on their nearest location from the homepage and can contact directly using WhatsApp for solving their queries and also the smart search allows them to check without any registration unless they decide to apply. One of the major concerns is to differentiate the fake and real jobs and also most of the times users don’t get any response even after applying and never use it again due to the frustration but Mintly jobseeker app filters and publish the originals and its customer service manually contacts each and every user that applies to any opening.

In a technology-driven world everything moves fast and gone are those days when hiring candidates or applying for a job takes months; thanks to the boom of smartphone and innovative minds, the whole recruitment sector find its golden era.

You can download the app here: Mintly job seeker app

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