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Is Google planning to Abandon Android?

Posted by Justin Aron
January 19, 2018

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Google, the big shark is planning for something fishy! 13 years of the Android journey is now troubling Google with some mysteries.

We all knew Google’s great venture is Android. Still, Google is working on a third operating system. It is called the FUCHSIA. The operating system popped up last year just as a command line. But now it is getting its own structure.

The operating system looks completely different when compared to other mobile operating systems, which also includes Android. The rise of the new operating system looks suspicious. If it is really an experiment by Google then Android is safe. Else Android is at the neck of getting Abandon.

What is Fuchsia?
Fuchsia is something that is different from Google’s Android and Chrome OS. Fuchsia does not rely on Linux anymore rather Google has come up with a new kernel named Magenta. Google says Magenta is specially designed for “modern mobile phones and modern PC’s”. Besides, the big shark has also involved Apple’s language to the operating system.
Fuchsia is coded using Flutter SDK which helps it to run on Android. This version of Fuchsia is so called the Armadillo – completely reframes the home screen. The screen holds the following things,

  • Big scrolling list
  • Profile picture
  • Date
  • City
  • Battery icon at the center.

Added the screen also holds a list of “Story Cards” or “Applications” along with a list of suggestions at the bottom. You can move these apps anywhere you wish. You can even split the screen by adding one app on the other.

Still Fuchsia is a mystery for most of the audience as Google has not arrived at a conclusion regarding the app. As the company is facing a lot of hurdles with Android and that it is stuck with commitments that it has made with Android years ago, it is trying to find one good solution for all of its problems.

Google thinks Fuchsia would be a better answer to all its questions. The new OS is a modern smartphone operating system and which could be easily updated. By transferring from Android to Fuchsia it is possible to get rid of all Java files. At the same time, Fuchsia is planning to occupy Andromeda’s spot in order to work as an operating system for both mobile devices and PCs. Google has already tested it on phones and the pixel book is already in process. This move of Google is considered to be something important over smartphones across the world.

Expecting a lot more to come from the Google’s environment in the upcoming days. Keep your fingers crossed things might change. Let’s see whether Android survives or not. Nor Fuchsia is finding its whole new way.

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