Is India Being Enslaved Yet Again?

Posted by Husna Bint Azeem
January 21, 2018

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I believe that every person is in his/her own way unique. Some discover their uniqueness earlier while some do it late or some just ignore it thinking it’s not worthy to be looked up to.
Just because of some caste or class or some other societal differences, a person is born with, doesn’t define her/him neither does it rules out what’s the scope or value of that person.

Being Indian citizens, we very well know what fundamental rights we have but do we recognize our duties regarding the Nation and our fellow citizens? The Indian Pledge we had have sworn upon?
*I’m proud of its rich and varied heritage*

Really? I don’t feel so by seeing the huge social gap prevailing in the Indian society currently and neither with seeing all the discrimination and differences. Are you really talking about this Nation being one? Being secular? Being a least democratic?

Democracy is not always about voting rights or the party who won the most votes. It’s not about which religion the ruling party follows at large. It’s more about everyone being equal socially and economically. It’s about making the deprived population which is underlying the poverty line to come above it. To understand each other’s differences, accept it wholeheartedly and bring an actual unity in our diversified Nation.

Freedom struggle would not have been successful if all leaders sat and quarrel on such pathetic issues. If they would have divided each other into groups of different races, gender, religions, caste or creed none of us would have been in this state, that we are living in today.The only reason behind it being successful was the true selflessness and dedication to bring back the lost freedom.
With the dream of freedom from injustice, freedom from inequalities, freedom from being oppressed by the cruel rule and also with never dying aspiration of our leaders, we conquered our territory back with due respect, truth, and non-violence.

Changes do not happen overnight, it doesn’t happen with just dreaming neither it happens by implementing it on others but changes start within ourselves, So let us begin the change within ourselves whilst being more courageous than we thought we were, by being more considerate and understanding in dealing with every societal crisis, by never looking down on anyone who might or might not be inferior to you in any possible way. Instead be more polite and humble and always look forward to uplift someone who might have chances of being lesser than you in any sort of comparison.

Without this understanding, it’s clear India would not develop any sooner if we do not unite again to fight for freedom from poverty, freedom from illiteracy, freedom from every imprisonment that enslave us today.

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