Posted by Vrushika
January 31, 2018

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Yesterday me and my friend witnessed an unusual site in the market. We saw an old man standing in a street corner holding a placard. Many would think what’s unusual in it ? But in a small town like Haldwani(Uttarakhand) situated in the vicinity of Nainital such sites are witnessed once in a blue moon . We read the content of the placard and carried on our way. On our return we saw him still standing there holding the placard with same enthusiasm as in the morning. This time we couldn’t resist our curiosity and went to him to enquire about the same. He told us that he was disturbed reading about Shopian unrest fallout incident where an army convoy headed by Major Aditya were booked by the police for murder and attempt to murder charges. Earlier , being unaware about the incident we mistook him to be kinsman of the accused which wasn’t the case . But to our utter surprise he stood there to seek justice for those army personnels as a responsible citizen of the country who could not stand injustice against the army. This morning I opened the newspaper with a hope to see the news in the local daily but in vain as this news  hardly had any selling masala in it.

Miss Mufti referred army as a black sheep on what ground? Was she expecting the army convoy to surrender before the mob and attain martyrdom? They deserved respect posthumously . Isn’t it? And now when they held firing in self defence against Pakistan sponsored stone pelters they are being charged as murderers. This the way we treat our army. In recent past we saw many youngsters asking for freedom in the neck of the woods of an army secured country . But no mass agitation, prime time debates, protest for justice could be witnessed for those army personnels . Instead a fast probe directly by the C.M. was proposed against them. Why no such concern is shown when hundreds of soldiers are killed at duty? When Pakistan ruthlessly tries to create unrest in the valley that time no C.M., politicians, intellectuals or media persons face the firing but the same army comes to the rescue without a second thought. 

This uncle took a small step but it was big in many ways . His gratitude and love for the army encouraged him to protest against the injustice . He tried to show his angst against this political propaganda. It was the mob who crossed the multiple red lines , attempted to lynch JCO and set army vehicles on fire. And we expect army to stand still to be killed by the mob . No step is small . Politician can play their dirty politics in the country safely because we have our jawans on the border to protect them , but instead of being grateful to them we held them guilty . Police don’t have right to file case against the army . But Miss Mufti was as quick as lightning in her action against army . We as youngsters should come take up the charge to fight against such injustice. A small step will surely make a big difference in the country and for our Armymen. Douglas Macarthur opined “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war”. And we couldn’t understand army’s dilemma.

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