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Journey of a boy!

Posted by Sakshi Saxena
January 26, 2018

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. So let me start with today’s  topic that goes this way- As we all know a boy is taught to be strong right from his childhood. Whenever he fells down and gets wounded even before he’s first aided he’s told not to cry no matter how deep the wound is all he gets to hear is that he’s a boy and boys don’t cry like girls. I would like to ask you all aren’t they human? Would Himalaya melt down if boys will let their hearts out? So why to impose such harsh rules on them. Even before he enters his adulthood only one thing is feeded in  his mind that is he’s the only one who need to take care his Parents and future family along with him. Why should only he take the responsibility of  Parents and Family? Why can’t his wife help him despite of being highly educated? Even in this modern era daughter in laws are not allowed to work . A boy is always taught to respect girls no matter even if a girl had done huge damage to him .  According to me being a girl is  proud part of life and not a liability ! After so many struggles finally when he settles down than also this society doesn’t leaves him. If he is busy in earing well people comment he might be having an external affairs . If  he spends major part of the day with his family than he’s called lazy. Who gave the right to the society to give a character certificate to him or to anyone ? Why the society claims to be right everytime? I mean major issues regarding our nation and women safety are never discussed. What it discusses is someone’s personal life. Well I would like to tell that I don’t care about society nor about what people might think about me. My parents have taught me one thing and that is”when people try to drag you down than you can be sure that you are on the right path and when they throw stones at you . You just fly high”. So all what I  want to say is that not all  boys are same and they should also be treated well, given respect and admired. They are also sensitive, they also get effected and hurt, they also have to face thousands of struggles just like we girls have to face. Boys should also be spoiled with love , care and support,their responsibility should be reduced to half and their happiness to double. And boys should keep in mind that girls and women are not toys to be played with and they deserve respect and should be well taken care off as they are the life givers. Women’s safety is a moral duty of every citizen including women and girls themselves.

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