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Posted by Neha Sonawane
January 6, 2018

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All these concepts are like the eternal rivalry, but still both have been co existing since the beginning and nothing has ever changed and maybe it either won’t; coz both of them are incomplete without eachother.
The value of light is only understood to those who have been through real darkness. Or we can say the potential of the hero can only be tested when he faces an equally strong villan.
So then why people freak out when they have to face the other side or the negative aspect?
Ohk so now the question may come up….
“What if a we face a villan or an attacker? Do you mean to say that we shouldn’t freak out or get scared?”
Well actually their is no need to freak out or get scared…. Let me remind you that mother nature has gifted all of us a highly complex neuro cluster organ called BRAIN which is fully capable of understanding the problems analyzing and giving an effective solution to every problem u face; so why don’t you make use of that? why can’t you be your own hero? Rather than waiting for someone who is like a strong hero shown the media or stories to come up and save you!!! Can’t you just lift your bag or grab a stone around you and hit the attacker hard! Instead of playing a cat mouse chase just end the game once and for all!
The point I want to make is; face the darkness…. Face the evil with your guts…. I bet the evil will also appreciate it and you will end up with a new lesson or a realization of your own strengths!

You see their is a thin line between both the rival aspects. For example a bad person or a psychopath or the villan of any story; you always see that they have their own story or maybe a different ideology all together and they have decided to live by that, many a times you must have seen they tend to be more wise than the hero, maybe it’s just the circumstances that led them to the opposite path, but at the end it’s just the matter of survival!! Who ever wins at the end their is a lesson for both so it’s up to them to keep up to their strength.

As the story of eternal rivalry goes on both the natures shall co exist so whichever path you choose be ready to face the opposite.
As Darwin rightly said the fittest will only survive be it good or bad!

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