Just relax: spa-procedures you should try

Posted by Waqas Ahmad
January 21, 2018

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In this post we will tell you what spa-procedures you should try for relaxation and maximum pleasure. Don’t hesitate to give yourself those precious moments – it’s worth all money spent. Check out the best services on Jiji https://jiji.ng/services, the largest Nigerian marketplace! Here you will find wonderful offers at the most affordable prices! Also, thank to the reliable security system, you can be sure about the safety of all transactions you make!

Coffee SPA

Coffee scrubs perfectly clean the skin from all impurities and dead cells, as well as moisturize skin and provide toning effect. And coffee wraps provide great detox effect, making your skin soft, toned and supple.

Be sure to try coffee spa-procedures, especially if you are going to Ethiopia, the motherland of aromatic beans. Hotels and spa-complexes here offer coffee masks that are very beneficial to face skin, massages and wraps.

Chocolate SPA

Spa treatments with chocolate are popular all over the world, therefore you will easily find them at any resort. Chocolate is wonderful for our skin: it protects it, renews, tones, makes it soft and supple. Thanks to enormous number of microelements, chocolate can provide your skin with beauty and health. Belgian SPA-resorts and hotels are famous for these kinds of treatments.

Thai massage

Everybody knows that Thai massage gives wonderful effect on different body parts. This kind of massage improves blood circulation, stimulates nervous system, the whole body relaxes, and the skin improves. Thai massage is relaxing and rejuvenating procedure, so you will indulge your body and soul. The best Thai massage you will find in Thailand, but other resorts throughout the world also provide great services – you should definitely try!

Scalp massage

Very often we care about our face and body, but forget about scalp. And we are doing wrong, because scalp massage can help enhance the condition of your hair, give it additional volume and stimulate its growth. Scalp massage also can eliminate stress, anxiety and so on.

Detox treatments

Specialists claim that you can’t get rid of cellulite with anti-cellulite wraps only. But detox wraps can help you get rid of the toxins, and provide immediate effect. The skin looks young and healthy, and you feel refreshed.


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