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justice is delayed justice is denied

Posted by Abdul Quadir
January 21, 2018

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I couldn’t prevent my tears and my heart is deeply grieved or overwhelmed with pain when I heard that a minor nomadic tribe girl has been abducted and raped or killed brutally and unfortunately  her dead body has been found after seven days of her disappearance in  J&K  kathua  district , FIR had been lodged in police station very first day when she was abducted  but this issues have not been inspected seriously by the police which caused the killing of minor girl, this incident shows the negligence of the government and its officials across the country, soon before this incident in Haryana  where also a minor girl had been raped but unfortunately clue has not been traced out yet despite having lodged FIR whereby their slackness is coming out, it is highly ashamed to say that our mainstream media is debating on that padmavat should be released or banned but they didn’t debate on that rapist should be hanged  and imprisoned  our media only shows irrelevant issues which are not needed, it’s our accountability to propagate and forward the relevant issues to the common masses, we have to understand that some vicious people in our country are shattering the essence of priority of our nation, really in our country it seems that  democracy is under threat after having seen these incidents consistently, goverment should be forefront  to restrict raping lynching and killing in the name of religion cast and creed across the country, vicious elenments should be through out from our country,



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