Kerala – the land of paranormal activities where spookiness conquers the darkness

Posted by Andrea Fernadas
January 17, 2018

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It is mostly seen that travelers from places to the northern part of India are adventure lovers who would love to explore the unexplored destinations in different states. These adrenaline junkies are travelers who show more interest in adventure sports and paranormal activities like ghost hunting and more. Kerala is one of the best tourist places to the south which houses a number of different attractive travel destination filled with natural beauty wildlife and vegetation. Even after being a land with immense beauty, the place is also known as one of the best destination to the south with paranormal activities reported. Being a destination with beauty and horror the state is mostly visited by adrenaline junkies from Mumbai and such cities, where people do not believe in paranormal activities. One of the main reason for non-believers from such business cities to visit the haunted destinations in Kerala to explore the unexplored destinations which are tagged as haunted. Most of the haunted destinations in Kerala are least visited by travellers. The urge to experience the spookiness and horror also brings in some of the adventure travelers from Mumbai and Hyderabad to the spooky destinations in Kerala. With the increasing trend of ghost hunting, the tourism department of Kerala has now held in hands with travel operators like Le Lagoon Holidays who offer customised tour packages which include some of the best-haunted destinations. The main aim of these packages is to attract the adventure travelers from Mumbai and some of such destinations to the north who are in search of ghost and spooky experiences. Some of the most haunted destinations in Kerala which is mostly chosen by adrenaline junkies from the northern part of the country are listed below.

Lakkidi Gateway

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations, Lakkidi located in Wayanad is one of the best hill station in Kerala which is explored by a number of travelers, mainly adventure travelers from around the world. Lakkidi Gateway is one of the shortest routes through which travelers could pass the Thamarassery pass. With the sunrise, the place offers the travelers with a most beautiful side of nature and climate while the darkness falls the place exhibits a number of spooky disturbances. Domestic travelers from Chennai, Hyderabad and more which is mostly filled with buildings and roads visit the places to enjoy the beauty of nature and the cold climate. Now the place is known for paranormal activities and is one of the best horror destination in Kerala visited mostly by ghost hunters and travelers who love spookiness. According to the stories, it is the ghost of a village man that haunts the area. According to the locals during the British rule, a British engineer was given the task to find an easy road to reach Thamarassery; the engineer took the help of local and later murdered him brutally. It is the ghost of this village man that haunts the roads. Most of the travelers passing through the area have experienced different happenings in the area. It is mostly the stories about the paranormal activities in the place that attracts adrenaline junkies to the spookiness in Kerala.

Bonacaud Bungalow

There is something negative and cold about destinations which are ruined and dark. It is mostly this negativity that put a sense of curiosity in most of the ghost hunters and travelers. Mumbai is one such domestic state to the north from where most of the travelers visit Kerala with the primary aim to explore the haunted destinations. Bonacaud Bungalow is a destination in Kerala which is mostly explored by travelers and explorers from a number of domestic destinations. According to the locals in the place, the Bungalow was once inhabited by a family from London, it is said that one night the owner’s kid was murdered brutally after which the couples returned back to London. It is said that the ghost of the boy still haunts the Bungalow. A number of travelers have heard spooky noises of glass breaking and a child crying. The broken windows, wrecked walls and the hangings in the place add up to the spookiness in the place.


The Weeping Ghost

According to the researchers, it is mostly our hearing senses that are said to be active while sleeping. This is one of the main reasons why loud noise wakes up the sleeping people. Weeping is one such sound that would wake you up in the middle of the night. It is in a house in Kollam that the story of the weeping ghost started. Ghost hunters and paranormal activist from different domestic destinations visited the place to record the happening. Finally, it was when the adrenaline junkies from Hyderabad and Mumbai visited the place that the locals confirmed the stories to be true. The reason behind the stories is still an uncovered mystery which is one reason that attracts the travelers and adrenaline junkies to the place. The story started when a family moved into the house and heard a weeping sound, the family members tried to follow the sound but it is said to have come from different rooms, each day the sound got louder that finally, it was more like someone whispering. A number of adrenaline junkies visited the place also have said to hear the weeping sound.

Mysterious happenings and stories are things that always captivate our mind. Most travelers in India belonging to places with more light and buildings like the developing cities or the developed cities which includes Hyderabad and more are attracted to the spookiness and adventures in states like Kerala. Taking great advantage of this trend a number of tour packages are offered and organized by the Kerala tourism department and the travel operators of the land. With the promotion of haunted tourism, the tourism department aims at attracting the attention of travelers with varied interest into the state and thereby increase the rate at which traveler visit the places. For adventure travelers who wish to explore the darkness and its spookiness, Kerala would be the ideal destination.

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