Konkan Memories

Posted by Shweta A B
January 17, 2018

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Imagine lush green grass touching your feet while you walk, the only colors you can see is shades of green which are so soothing to your eyes that you won’t want to leave this place forever, times flies so quickly & quietly that u keep wondering how did this happen, away from the city life, where we keep hunting for organic materials and here we are so close to nature where even the winds r organic
Sun-rays beaming from the mud roofs and falling on your skin, making it glow which no Smartphone app can do.
Time so quite that you can hear the birds chirp even when you are inside your home.
People so good that you keep thinking how good it would have been if they were your family.
The freshness of cooked food and the amount of love put in by the mothers is beyond our imagination.
And language so different yet so similar to ours again makes us think that we are one.
Where back in city life we can’t imagine our home without TV, AC, Refrigerator and all other electronic gadgets here we don’t even miss them for a second but still left amazed how is everything running so smoothly?

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