Lalu Yadav gets 3.5 years Jail; 5 Lakh Fine

Posted by Krishna Singh
January 6, 2018

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What a sham of justice!
If it was a reality that more than 80 Lakhs were embezzled by Lalu Yadav, why only 5 lakhs be recovered from him, that too after more than 15 years?
Still, he has opportunity to go to HC, SC for bail and continue the case!
In the meantime, there has been Crores of public fund to chargesheet him, get the witnesses, PPs, Lawyers, his security, judges’ salary & other facilities, drama on media, etc! More expenses in the jail to look after the “privileged” political prisoner!
Is that the function of a society in 21st century, where 18 Crore youths are unemployed, more than double of that are semi employed, where we have massive child labours, prostitution and to top up the miseries & agony, Crores of Crores worth unpaid taxes & loans, which are waived off by these politicians to please the donation masters, the big capitalists & financiers, in fact those who run the government!
Do we need to sustain the present economic, social, political order in name of having “democracy”, which actually belongs to very few, in fact not even a thousand?
Actual culprit is not Lalu, Vadra, Jai Shah or any other corrupt political parties, like Congress or BJP but the capitalist class, which owns the means of production and controls the state power and all its machinery! Do you remember, the law was amended by the Central Government to free Ambani of all charges, FIR & “inconveniences”, which he might have faced to police, court?
The culprit or the evil is Private Property, which took birth alongwith the human civilisation, after the division of work, initially on gender basis and later on much wider scale! This culprit grew with the civilisation, with the knowledge, science, technology, and rising productive forces and in fact did help the mankind to grow in power and science and productivity but now it has become fetter of the progress of the mankind.
Its old and is eating away its owners, the working class, peasants, the creators of social wealth and hindering the further growth of the productive forces, by way of unemployment, poverty while there is gigantic accumulation and concentration of wealth in hands of few!
Less than 1% of the Earthians have what half the Earthians have. We need to dismantle the genesis of the Private Property, capitalism for socialism, where unemployment, poverty is buried and where the scope for corruption, crime becomes untenable, terrorism and war becomes history book syllabus!
And this is possible today, in fact, it is a historical task of the working class to take over the state power, world over, dispossess the bourgeois class, eliminate the class structure of today for a classless society, a just society!
And this change can not be done through reform but only through revolution, revolution by the working class, a socialist revolution!

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