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Landscape Architecture- Buildings speaks for themselves

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January 23, 2018

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A civil engineer deals with developing the plans and managing construction of a project, such as buildings, roads, bridges, railways etc. While architects come up with the ideas and design, civil engineers take these ideas further and have to adopt them and take into consideration various factors, like natural disasters, the purpose of the project, load factors and more. Today the scope of architecture is the vast construction of the shelter on Mars is no more a nightmare in today’s scenario.

Today civil engineers can take pride in their work because of masterpieces and iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa, or the Sydney Opera House, and the Golden Gate Bridge, just to name a few.

Civil engineering is studded with structures that inspire and amaze us —tall buildings touching the sky, transparent walkways high up on mountains, a mushroom styled all wooden bus station, an inflatable concert hall, a 180-storeyed rotating tower (yet to be built!) — Today’s buildings deliver far more than just shelter.

The Master of building engineering and management programme (MBEM) is an architecture course that is open to with B.Arch., B.E./B.Tech. (Civil) or equivalent degrees. Students who are studying civil engineering can opt for architecture course for master’s degree.



As team leader and coordinator of a construction project, the architect direct, co-relates and integrates activities, not only in the areas of design and execution but also in others, like survey, soil testing, engineering, safety, demonstration, and supervision. Architects, therefore, have to work in collaboration with building contractors, surveyors, engineers, town planners and designers along with other professionals including bricklayers, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc.

Clients approach architects with some idea of what they want, but often little awareness regarding its feasibility. The architect has to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality, sketching and making plans with details of sizes, specification, and estimates of the cost of the structure. Sometimes physical models or 3 D graphics are also used for presentations. Although the traditional forms of designing are still widespread, contemporary forms such as the use of digital architecture, parametric architecture, and landscape urban theories are becoming popular for different projects. There is also a huge shift from the use of drawing and sketching of structures to the use of digital platforms and virtual reality technology. Once the plans are finalized and accepted by the client, the architect has to obtain the approval and permission of the local authority for construction. The job also involves a considerable amount of field research and supervision, often outdoors under all kinds of weather conditions.

How to choose any college that offers civil engineering courses-

  1. Look after the quality of Faculties- The student should look after to the quality of faculties teaching in the college. The ratio of the professor to assistant professor should be taken into consideration.
  2. Lab Facility and Instructor- Civil Labs play a very important role and only few engineering colleges that are running civil engineering courses are offering adequate lab facility to students.
  3. Curriculum diversity- The student should look into the curriculum of any institute and should ensure whether the college is following the curriculum that is only prescribed by the university or whether it has its own curriculum along with the university syllabus.

If you look forward to one of the best private engineering college of Bhopal than SISTec which is a renowned college of Sagar Group of Institutions is a good option as the curriculum is not only restricted to the syllabus of RGPV but has its own curriculum set of civil engineering students. Apart from that, the Institute has a strong construction background which provides opportunities to the civil engineering students to have practical knowledge. This makes Sagar Group of Institutions one of the favorite choices for the students of Bhopal.

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