Letter to my younger self !

Posted by Shweta Mehrotra
January 23, 2018

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Dear young me ,
It’s been years that we have not spoken to each other in open !Always played hide n seek in understanding each other and at times blamed too .

Today I decided to come up in open n talk,so that I can be fair to my present and later days !

Dearest young me, where I m extremely proud of you making me experience my best at times ,I wonder what stopped you for being more independent on my decisions , for being more outspoken on rights and wrongs around ?

What made u follow others path of defined success?

Why you were scared of being judged ?

Why you kept your silence or ignored at times when seen humanity going down ?

Why you made this world go more insensitive?

Why u did not trusted your heart at first ?

Kindness , forgiveness, humbleness , trust ,listen more,Help others, dare to speak up ,chapters u made me ignore at times,in the race of being successful or to be in world of defined “settled” .

My dear younger me , if u r listening pls go and spread the message amongst all young , Ask them to take chances , be compassionate, love yourself,be kind , be vocal on rights and wrongs and most importantly be a institute of humanity.

Success and failures are not defined by your present position,it is defined by your journey !.

Today I thank you for being letting me understand and learn the institute of humanity in a larger way !

Why we leave people around us suffering thinking we can’t change their life ? Why we don’t think of “moment” that we can change :)

Every bit counts !

Today I m a fine combination of man and nature made principles!

I am on path of leaving this world better then I found ! And request you all to do your bit before humanity extinct from this world slowly without we even realise !

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