Long winter nights

Posted by Shahid Imran
January 30, 2018

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Seasons change from spring to winter.
Spring is wet, the flowers grow, it rains a lot as it melts the snow.
Summer is full of fun, as the days are hot, it adds the beauty of the tourist spots.
Autumn is full of misery for trees, as it becomes ugly feud to the trees, taking away leaves from trees.
Winter is cold, as the snowflakes fall and makes the city and trees innocent and beautiful again!

Long winter night’s: kashmir, just past midwinter. outside was very cold, the cold air was moving silently and to the north and west, the sky was almost full of dark clouds without stars and moon, but in the East a light lingered, everybody was mindful that  it might be snowing tonight and from the window, every single time I was looking from Window like that if someone is waiting for a guest. To the roadside two men were enjoying the warmth of firelight, to the east a boy from the other building was watching the firelight mingle with the stormy dusk. The road was silent, river along the road was moving slowly and calmly. The third man joined these two men at firelight, his appearance was unusual, on his head was a long beanie. His pheran was worn. Round his neck daggled a carvat of startling red saint. The pockets of his pheran bulged, the contents almost spilling out. On his right hand was kangri  and on other hand was a bag  and a bamboo stick. Almost all the light has gone though I was only able to watch a firelight mingle. The glass of the window was full of vapours, I closed the curtain of the window, and I sat down………….
It was around 9Pm, mother opened the door of my room and called me for dinner, after having a dinner with dry vegetable ( dry tomatoes) and a Raj mash dal after an hour I took a cup of tea sipping  near the window.  On the bed, I was reading a book of William Shakespeare’s (as you like it), I was about to sleep suddenly I heard some heavy sound (something heavy falling down) I gazed from the window there was nothing but a bird who was standing on the branch of the chinar tree,  his eyes was sparkling and I guessed that it is an owl, making sound hoot,.. hoot,.. hoot…….. Then I moved back to the bed.
I was trying to sleep but suddenly a glass fell down on the roof……. Time goes on but I didn’t fell asleep. Then I find some shadows near the door sweat was running down from my spine and face so I walked towards door and the door was open, I moved out and saw that there was no one, I locked my door and I set out to sleep on the bed. Thinking about the shadows  made me afraid, I took  up the winter quilt above my head. My shirt was almost became wet with a sweat and I moved down the quilt. Time goes on……
In a dream: “That I looked  at the trees there was only one golden leaf, which was not falling down for many days. And   I was planning to go to London with friends. We were traveling to London  after landing there it was snowing………. All the city was white and beautiful………
And we moved towards mansion …….”
Early morning joyful message: “The bird on the window was alarming me to wake up….. Chatter and screech, chatter,.. .chatter….screech…
I found the quilt on my body which I moved down last night. Someone outside was yelling snow….snow…. Willingly I moved the curtain of the window and it was was snowing and the whole village was looking innocent, white full of snow. To the east children were making snowman.. And to the east from the top of the building, a boy that i saw last night on the window was watching the snowman and these children.”

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