What Ulemas Can Do To Help Restore Peace In Kashmir

Posted by Syed Karar Hashmi in Kashmir
January 16, 2018

I believe Islam is a complete code of life – a favor, not a curse from Allah. I think it is universal and speaks for humanity as a whole. In my opinion, Islam gives much importance to brotherhood, unity, peace and tolerance. The problems confronting the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir are serious in nature and demands introspection to find amelioration in a better and acceptable way without chaos, confusion and dual standards. The laws, appeals and messages of leaders must represent the aspirations of the people of the whole state and all shall be for the well-being and beneficial for the common masses.

Honestly, I feel our leaders have failed to restore peace and push forward a systematic and logical dialogue in the valley. The injustice, atrocities and crimes are a day-to-day phenomenon in Kashmir. On the other hand, the silence of  Ulemas (Islamic scholars) are adding more fuel to the fire.

Every problem has a cause behind it; one who is more aware of the cause of a problem can suggest more lucid solution to it. Ulemas have a close interaction with society, they live among the people, know their problems and have the capacity to resolve them. Fully aware about the Kashmir situation, they can surely play a pivotal role. Given the clout and regard they command in society, Ulemas hold a high position in the Kashmiri society. Besides Ulemas, it is everybody’s duty to play a crucial role in building peace in the valley.

The Kashmir situation is a big challenge for all peace lovers. Equipped with knowledge, scholars are better placed than many others in society. I think scholars have a responsibility of being the teachers and guardians of peace. The misuse of religion by extremists is highly damaging the image of Islam, and we must take a stand against it and terrorist organizations ( like DAISH, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, etc.), and their ideologies Ulemas know well about the national interests and can prevent the corrupt, which hold the nation hostage to backwardness and ignorance.

No Kashmiri feels safe while walking through bazaars and attending public meetings. The killing and counter killing on a daily basis have made lives of every common person very vulnerable in Kashmir. We must bear this in mind that a faithful Muslim will never kill innocent people, children or women. Even killing of non-believers is prohibited according to the teachings of our religion. Terrorism is not Jihad, and Jihad is not terrorism.

The clerics should start a dialogue with all the stake holders, and spread the message of peace and brotherhood in Kashmir. Let Ulemas unite the people irrespective of region, religion, caste and affiliation for a bigger cause without further delay, so that people can again live in a peaceful atmosphere.