‘Let Me Not Run Behind Marks’

Posted by Hemalatha G in Education
January 12, 2018

“Stop printing answers – instead, create your own theory.”

How many of us can manage a fire accident? How many of us can survive a famine? How many of us can give the right education? How many of us can valiantly step forward to develop our nation? If we can’t even think of taking the first step towards life’s challenges, then what do we learn at school?

Once, I wished to sit inside those four-walled rooms and listen to the lectures. But today, I cringe at my school’s system. I doubt myself.

In my opinion, the Indian education system fails to inculcate skills and to test someone’s true calibre. We, the students, are like the blackbirds caged inside a phial. Each day, our wings are being cut by the pressure. I don’t have any idea about why I go to school daily, carrying my bag and buying all those stationery items.

Oh yes – I get an exposure. I mingle with many people. I learn that discrimination is a sin. I get to know how to manage peer groups. But, is that enough? Of course – I learn all those concepts, programmes, theories, formulae and also learn to score marks.

That might sound good – but actually, it’s totally depressing to know that we learn to score marks. That is the reason we have succumbed to humdrum. Whenever I take out my textbook, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Let me first prepare these important questions. Then, I’ll move on to the others, because it’ll help me score well.”

The fact is that we are trained like this. You can possess any kind of talent – but if you are a student, this society is probably going to give value only to your marks. Though your abilities may be of great import, you’ve to wait till you grow. It’s possible that you’ll have to waste your potentials all those years.

A ‘topper’ is the one who scores well in the exams. On the other hand, students who don’t know to print the ‘exact answers’ are often regarded as scraps.

When I write, my hand doesn’t co-operate with me when I am holding my pen. The pen’s ink ‘cries’ on exam papers. Even though I make up my mind that this society is odious and I’ve to abide by the rules, my heart fails to follow this!

Learning should be fun. Schools are considered to be ‘holy spots’. It is okay to learn someone’s works, but give us space to create something nifty. The ‘marks system’ has already taken away many lives. At least, the future shouldn’t be like the past.

No child hesitates to learn – but the truth is, the way it’s inculcate does matter. We not only learn to survive – we also learn how to shape the world. The pulchritude of nature is already dying, day by day – so, we, the young minds, have to sprout out as lion-hearted souls to save this world.

There are many old masters, shutterbugs, song-birds, writers, orators, politicians, sportspersons, social workers, scientists – and we are ready to create coups and destroy our shackles. We need this society and the education system to help us win the battle. We don’t want it to be against us!

“Let me not run behind marks. Instead, let me conquer this world with my mettle!”


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