Marottichal: the gem of a place hidden in the district of Thrissur

Posted by muhammed rashid
January 3, 2018

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A number of destinations in Kerala remain to be unexplored by the people as it is not significantly known or is not famous. One such destination that is located in Kerala is Marottichal. It is located in the district of Thrissur where a drive of 22km takes the travelers to the location. It is famous for two major reasons. One of it is that the place is known as a trekkers paradise and the second reason is that there is too beautiful waterfall located on the top of the hill. The waterfalls are referred to as Ilanjippara waterfalls or Marottichal waterfalls and Olakkayam waterfalls. In case a person on a tour package to Kerala visits Thrissur, a trip to Marottichal will turn out to be a great experience where one gets to stride through the verdant regions of Kerala. 
Marottichal waterfalls
During all the seasons of Kerala, the travelers can set on a trekking tour through Marottichal as the trees that surround the region are the best source of protection from heat or rather a summer day. The flora and fauna which can be found as one proceeds on trekking are the major attraction of the place. In fact, it is a treat to the nature enthusiasts and nature lovers who set off to Kerala in search of greenery. The best way to explore the destination is in groups when on tour as one may walk and talk through the forest region. Also, wild animals might be striding around the forests due to which it is best to be at this destination of Kerala in groups.
Ilanjippara waterfalls
As one gets to reach the Olakkayam waterfalls, all the tiredness of climbing and trekking can be healed as one gets to take bath in the fresh water of the waterfalls. The rocks in the place make a perfect place for the travelers to rest for a while. Even though one should be careful regarding leeches and other insects due to which it is advised that the travelers take salt and other quick remedies to keep away from the insects’ bite. From the Olakkayam waterfalls, another 4 kilometers climb is required to reach the Ilanjippara Waterfalls. In the midway, a number of streams of water flow through. On reaching the location, the tourists get to see fresh water cascading in the most beautiful manner. During the monsoon season in Kerala, the travelers have to keep away from going under the waterfall as the gushing water is strong. The streams are open to the tourists where they get to enjoy the cold water. In fact when on a tour package to Gods own country, one should definitely never miss visiting a waterfall destination. 
Olakkayam waterfalls
The best photographs of nature are captured here as well where the travelers get to take pictures of dense forests which is indeed the virgin beauty existing on earth. It also provides one with the chance to click some exotic living beings that can only be found in the dense forests and if lucky enough, the travelers may also click some good pictures of elephants in case they get to see them from a distance in the forest. The destination is also known for one more reason other than for trekking for which Marottichal had been extra famous as well which also gained Kerala recognition. The people residing here are famous to be the addict to the game of chess. British Broadcasting Corporation had once featured the village regarding the same topic as well. A tourist taking a tour package through the village of Marottichal will get to see this sight where the inhabitants would be engaged in the game of chess. Even though a small village, this destination takes over the heart of all the tourists who reach here where they are fed for the love of nature. 

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