Mind over Matter for JEE Main

Posted by Chandrakala Radhakrishnan
January 31, 2018

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While JEE Main is an exam that requires undaunted focus and preparation, any plan of action and schedule intending at achieving optimum preparation for the exam would require a mind that is in a good form. This depends on a set of multiple factors such as habits, learning method and the duration of the preparation on an everyday basis.

With about 2 months in hand, the candidates should ensure to follow regular eating and sleeping habits to help them stay in a good shape for the examination. When the mind is receptive to learning and in comfort, learning undertaken consistently is likely to yield the desired results.

It has been evident that by using shortcuts for any examination like JEE Main, will never help a student do well in the examination, but smart study is an option that could always work. A smart study schedule with 100% focus and concentration as its prime center, would help a candidate prepare right for the examination.

Study Space

Creating a Study Space that would motivate you to study is very important. Before study, ensure that you have all the required resources necessary for practice at hand. This would also keep you from unnecessarily pacing around at the time of study in search of something, that would be a sheer waste of time.

Study Method

Choose a method of study that seems effective to you. For some, group study might work better as more than one brain engaged results in a discussion that helps retain important things in a better fashion. However, bigger groups may spoil the purpose.

Coaching could be effective for some student who needs some direction in terms of preparation for JEE Main Examination. Self-study could be an option for a student who is self-driven in terms of motivation and doing well in the examination.

Mind Maps

When a candidate creates a mind-map, an exhaustive list of topics are easily covered in a way, such that candidates remember by way of visualizing. Creative ways such as these help retention better in students studying for entrance and competitive exams in general.

Alternately a mind palace would help candidates study better and remember associated sub-topics and branches with the main topic. Allot different rooms in your mind and interlink them with the ones that are connected.

Prompt Discussion of Doubts

The candidate should also ensure that doubts are promptly discussed among candidates. When the doubts arise, and they are sorted at that very moment, the candidate is in a better position to perfect his preparation for the JEE Main Examination.

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