Minister’s theory challenges Darwin

Posted by Ankita Singh
January 27, 2018

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Recently, Dr Satyapal Singh created a buzz and became talks of the town, when he said that, he had never believed in the theory of Charles Darwin and ‘humans have evolved from humans.’

A lot of people don’t take science as a gospel truth and that’s completely alright. Some of them call themselves ‘obscurantist’ while the remaining ones prefer to be called as mystics, but certainly very few of them would like to be called as “Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development.”

Apparently, it’s quite a paradox that the minister of ‘development’ doesn’t pay any heed to ‘development’ and ‘evolution.’

According to Singh’s theory Homo sapiens sapiens have always been Homo sapiens sapiens and no matter what, even if our 99% genetic material matches with chimpanzees, we are not supposed to derive our ancestry from them.

He said Darwin’s theory is wrong and it shouldn’t be taught in the schools. Being obnoxiously proud of the fact he also said “first thing is that I am a man of science. I am not coming (Sic.) from an arts background.”

So supposedly, if we cut down Darwin’s theory from textbooks, then we have to compromise on Lamarck’s and Allen’s theory too, because these are also based on evolution  and if we abide by Singh’s ray of thought, the puzzling questions like, who came first, eggs on hen? Would lose its essence altogether because ‘as humans came from humans’, eggs must have come from eggs, silk must have come from silk and caterpillar never have had existed, Aves never have been reptiles, dinosaurs are imaginary and so on.

Seems like, that day is not far when ‘unlearning will be the new learning.’

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