Misdirecting Media

Posted by Udit Sharma
January 2, 2018

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This is an open letter to our ‘oh so accurate’ and sensational media.

Dear Media,

I get that investigative journalism is a myth nowadays, but the media developing antibodies against our country’s doctors, and spreading it to the masses to increase their TRP’S is quite disheartening. Just take a pause one day, keep your hand over your heart and ponder about who will be accountable for the baseless allegations you spew out, faster than it takes Kohli to score a century, and in which ugly direction you might be unwittingly leading the masses against their own health system. Do you ever think about who should be held accountable to apologize and set the record straight after you are done with your fake allegations? Your actions, hurt and malign people’s reputations.

You reported a few days ago, that Russian dancers and booze were present at a meet in a college and portrayed it as the world’s most scandalous and ‘shocking’ incident. There are a few things I wish to clear out through the medium of this post.

1. This was an alumnus meet in the grounds of the medical college. The meet was held in an area especially separate and cordoned off with tents. a

2. The doctors present there had come to enjoy with their own colleagues and friends and families at their own time, on December 25, 2017, a gazetted holiday.

3. Yes, alcohol was served. But isn’t it legal to be served alcohol at any cocktail lunch party? Isn’t it served in all Bollywood parties, page 3 parties and any events whatsoever? Aren’t doctors human? Or a part of this society? Is there a specific reason that may not be allowed to drink in their own party, on a holiday, where they are off duty and have all the requisite licenses.

4. Regarding your problems with Russian dancers, isn’t belly dance a type of art form? Aren’t they performers? They are performing their art, on a proper stage, in an event. Just that. Nothing more! What special grudge do you have for that? Aren’t Bollywood celebrities performing dance shows on stage in various parts of the country in various events, come to think of it, it is Christmas, New year time and your own papers and tv channels are advertising their upcoming dance performances in various events. You say scantily clad. Now tell me which belly dance have you seen been done in a burkha? Ahhh but you are investigative journalists, you can appreciate things even inside a burka.

5. And all this, is happening in a separate tented area, not in the hospital corridor.

6. Time for the big reveal…. The ambulance you people have been harping about, that was a privately owned vehicle of an organiser Doctor who has his own ‘imaging and diagnostic’ centre. It did not belong to the hospital nor the government. Please oh please, check your facts and then report.

So who gives you the right to even think of start talking shit? To start your baseless moral policing? To make everything so sensational? Just for what? A few TRP’S?

This by definition itself is gross negligence on your part.

Now, who is willing to take up the responsibility and explain to the masses about your mistakes?

Thank you

Dr Udit Sharma

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