Posted by sai
January 22, 2018

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HI guys I just donot Want to bore u guys by long paragraphs and heavy quations….. so lets just talk about a basic thing which I feel like to share with u..i just want my voice to be heard

So I am student in my final year .i am doing a course which is not chosen by mee…..i am doing this for my parents who are really nyc to me and given everything I needed but not the course which I had chosen…..

Itz not just me that I have met many friends who are forced into joining streams which are not chosen by them just to make their parents happy whose concern is that we excel in life….

This is happening only in india because it starts with lack of guidance from the educational instituation which is run by a selfish group of people…students are treated as machines by them and they feed the students with only data to score marks not to gain excellence in subject and exposure….

The parents pay a huge amount to get a proper  education because the government sector is providing a poper facilities to the students.and the private organizations just run on finanicial basis

I know that my voice cannot change anything but this the least I can do at I let my voice out so it can be heard by u guysss…..i just started to say about my experience I would like to share a lot with u guysss ….

c u soon guysss


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