My vote my opinion

January 24, 2018

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Hi everyone,
We’ll it might seem a bit weird to some of you that why am I being so nostalgic, all of a sudden politically opinionated etc etc after you read what I have written (atlest those who’ll read it whole)……..
So my friend today finally I took an advice seriously and thought that I should voice my opinion and share what I think with you all here. That is “our decision to vote “….
Yeah! Yeah! I know I know why the hell m I lecturing about vote n all aren’t our so called long time no show candidates, the tacky once in blue moon slogans an all r enough pain in behind that I’m also playing the same record….
Well I yeah I know this all sucks but that’s the reason m writing this cuz I’m done listing n nodding my head, now it’s my turn to speak up and so here I am. I want to request each n every person reading this to cast there vote Cuz it’s not just our right, not just our duty but also our OPINION which needs to be listened. (big time)
There is choice for everyone if u don’t deem any candidate fit cast ur vote with NOTA atleast make them see ur opinion of them. It’s easy to get away by saying “sab saala ek jese hai chor chor mosare bhai ” an all #it’s easier said than done.
And if you reckon with someone’s opinion, policy line and work kudos 👏👏👍go n support that candidate by casting ur vote.
And for those over the top pessimistic people who say “humara vote se kya hoga ” I would suggest them to Google a simple fact about last year voting in pali district of Rajasthan u will find that how due to one vote yes u read it correctly just one vote of some common person made a candidate won and other loss.😎
So people stop complaining and fussing about ur surrounding over a cup of tea or in some friend group discussions over canteen samosa. Make a little effort and voice ur opinion by casting ur vote.
So please be opinionated for REAL!.. Voice ur opinions ur thoughts our side those close family n friends zone discussions. On larger platforms and trust me you will be listened if hv the guts to make enough noise.. 😉
Think beyond just selfie uploads,trolling and tagging memes etc. I know you can do better than just this.
Thank you.

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