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nation under construction

Posted by Manish choudhary
January 27, 2018

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India, a sovereign ,socialist ,secular ,democratic ,republic  nation,which got independence after 90 years of first war of independence.This freedom came after countless sacrifices of people with different background who gave up all of their differences for nation.Different organisations ,unions all were fighting to liberate this country even if they were ideologically different.this rule of oppression started when British came to India and culminated after battle of plassy    but finally India got freedom after struggle of 150 years.some may argue that India became country after independence act of 1947 and unification of  princely states but millions of people fought for this country and we put a question mark on it.

lets go to Europe where Italy and Germany existed as country even before they were united by Garibaldi and Bismark(respectively) if India witnessed first war for independence so does Europe,revolutions of 1848, series of republican revolts against European monarchies, beginning in Sicily, and spreading to France, Germany, Italy, and the Austrian Empire. They all ended in failure and repression, and were followed by widespread disillusionment among liberals.

India overcame all the hurdles and witnessed dawn of independence and this country gifted with sacred document which is called constitution which was also outcome of hard work. constitution is a document according to which a country is ruled or governed but has it become a monument which is being praised on various days and neglected afterwards.It was the duty of judiciary to protect this sacred document but is it failure of this institution that it (constitution )  has become just bunch of articles which is unable to protect this nation from nationalism.
people of this nation were much more nationalist even before word nationalist went viral ,much more secular before the word secular was added in constitution by 42nd constitutional amendment act 1976.
what kind of nationalism is that which gives veto power to every antisocial element to tear down essence of constitution ,the pride of nation of itself.

Nationalism is not the only word which was abused , this nation is also suffering from “expression”  “secular” “freedom”,they have just become hollow words and lost their soul.everyone want to avail these “words” but only for them.  nation is somewhere stuck between march of “left-right-left”.people must be “secular” enough to neglect evil practices followed by people of other faith,free enough to go against the nation and logical enough to go to extremes just because their counterpart did so and we try to justify this ,then what about the nation and nationalism which was based on our freedom struggle or were we really ready to get independence? once  Rabindranath Tagore, said

“Yes, this is the logic of the Nation. And it
will never heed the voice of truth and goodness.
It will go on in its ring-dance of moral corruption,
linking steel unto steel, and machine unto
machine; trampling under its tread all the sweet
flowers of simple faith and the living ideals of

India needs nationalism but which one?

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