Posted by Peeyush Luthra
January 23, 2018

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Numb is what I feel, when I see people just want to troll,
Trollers, themselves, might not have any goal.

To laugh at someone, someone who tried something and failed,
They are just making FUN of them and then think, THEY f*ckin NAILED.

Facebook is a place, you will find every type of HUMAN,
They share Holy pictures, but inside them is a DEMON.

Guys be like,”WOW POOJA! You are so Beautiful.”
Pooja got a DSLR friend, friend who now thinks HE is a FOOL.

People who are not on Facebook are trolling POOR n playing with RELIGION,
Why cant they get this thing, we all INHALE f*ckin same OXYGEN.

Look, I dont have problem with anything YOU do,
Just do something for someone and make your SOUL TRUE.

Posting useless things on FB and getting likes doesn’t matter,
If YOU make someone SMILE, thats gonna make your day “BETTER”.


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