Onset of a Doom’s day!

Posted by Divyanka Agarwal
January 22, 2018

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There are times, when everything good happens, people are happy, weather is good, nature is blooming, spring arrives and there is peace all over the world.  And then there are times when the devils descends  and destroys the whole tranquillity of the world. I feel this year is of the devil.

The last month has been pathetic for the world, and majorly for  India.  It is a depressing environment and situation we are plunging into each and every day.

There was a disastrous fire that broke out in Mumbai in which a birthday boy and other 13 lost their lives. And unfortunately  many fire incidents engulfed several others in the other place worldwide in a span of a week.

The series continues. There were three brutal rape and murder cases  in a single state Haryana itself  in a span of a week, leave alone other places, there were numerous, endless and countless. I am not even counting the controversial and cruel case of Zainab rape. How disguting was it.

Then comes juvenile crimes. A concept unheard, ununderstood and unacceptable. A kid is killing another so that they get a day off in school. In another instance a girl kills another younger kid at school so that they get a leave. What type of earth are we living in and what way of life is this?

The nature has its own fury to teach humans a lesson. The winter months are overseeing fans and coolers in one place of the country and in another, people are freezing to death.

Cities like Mumbai and delhi where people move faster than time are paralysed with a newer concept called smog, a dangerous situation for the body and mind, a creation of man’s carelessness and activities. A village in Russia is facing extreme cold with – 68 degree and eyelashes of people are freezing let alone the breath they take.

Freedom of speech is being curtailed with movies like Padmavati being banned and objected upon and people are coming out for non sense reasons with riots, revolts and protest. They disrupt the everyday life, take publicity and then hid in oblivion after  work done.

The most interesting part of  all these is; the world doesn’t care. A incident happens, comes in the news newspaper, people talk about it, hashtags are circulated , debates in news room arranged, candle march commences, and the second day gets wiped out. The vehicles are running, people are living and media is flipping over the news with another breaking story. No body flinches, no body justifys and no body damn cares. Case closed

There is no definition of dooms day  anywhere, but if dooms day means taking a inch forward towards destruction, we are already many steps ahead and not a inch wiser.

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