Padmaavat Review

Posted by Vaibhav Vibhor in Culture-Vulture
January 25, 2018

Finally, the much-awaited movie has arrived. Protests are going on for the movie but I witnessed the crowd waiting in queue for the tickets.

So, the movie is based on the poem ‘Padmavat’ by Malik Muhammad Jaysi. The movie tells the story of queen Padmaavati, Maharaval Ratan Singh and Allauddin Khilji. The plot is all about how desperately Khilji wanted Padmaavati even without seeing her. And the most important part there isn’t any single scene between Padmaavati and Khilji , even the movie portrayed Rajputs and their glory in the best possible way. All the actors have done an excellent job and Jim Sarabh is a surprise package but it is Ranveer Singh who steals the show. Hats off to this man for his dedication. On the whole movie, you will hate Khilji and love Ranveer Singh. The cinematography is very good, Bhansali’s direction is so well that you want more of it. Music is good but we expect more from Bhansali’s movie. The background is also ok. I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 🌟 in which 1 is for Ranveer.

Go and watch it.