past in future

Posted by Shubham Singh Rajput
January 22, 2018

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fuck me

raise your middle finger up , ya’ that’s all i deserve now

i fell like worm….

i was nice guy .. now i am evil face , i know i fall down..

need no gun – no gunpowder

Young man sitting looking upset

to kill

i told the world , i will come back … i don’t remember why i said this

my vision are fading

i am drowning in the dirt , in the mess i made my life..

i was gandhi – saying ” baby please don’t leave- please come back ” , fuck that if i said that ” i knew she was never coming back “..

i was in sky .. when i was with , i tried to fly without knowing i will fall and i fail ..

i didn’t remember who i was …

you picked me up when everyone was questioning me.. you showed me light ..

i am no gandhi now- i need holy rain…

last night – took freefall ” time paused”

my life flashes in the river water,…..

i tried to fly , to return to the point

fuck me – fuck my vision , i am not god nor angle to fly far away from life …

i screamed ” fuck i do — what i did “…

water slashes .. soon my flow started – i was deep in

i tried to go – to find some place i knew – but devil only knew … so gandhi become devil …

so empty my heart

Andy hunting belive – belive hunting andy ” there is fucking war going in my head ” , i tried to use power tool to stop ” … i took ” Razor blade ” to cut my veins

my friends don’t know the other side of mine – i am cold …

hope i really need rain ..

with each and every drop of my blood , i relived the freefall…

i tried to fly again but my blood rain , deeming my eyes ..

i homosucide .. i killed my future while trying to balance my present ..

i screamed , i shouted .. someone help me .. someone take me to hospital .. someone call a doctor ..

Andy and belive cold heart kept on watching

fuck me , i forgot i was doctor to my situation and i never wanted medicine to bring me back to normal …

i am in love with this pain


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