Periods Is Pride Not Shame!

Posted by Vandana Gupta
January 24, 2018

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Periods, Monthly bleed & Mensuration are some terms to define a women´s monthly cycle. India is been attached with lots of taboo to this topic being women I have also suffered from the age old taboo connected with periods. I was also not allowed to enter the kitchen, or touch the pickle, enter the temple so on and so forth.


Thanks to celebrities, NGO´s and some public awareness groups who are working on the issue and spreading education & awareness about it to the present and forth coming generations.


I personally feel that our education system should also incudes the subject which not only teaches us the functionality of male / female body structure but also teach us that periods are normal and is a part of healthy women’s body. Addition to this platforms like Facebook & Whatapp also include emojis like Sanitary pads in there portals to help people talk about periods as a routine conversation as these are the mediums everyone is using on there daily basis life. Offices should include Periods or Mensuration leaves in their leave portals so that girls have no hesitation in applying such leaves when they feel the urge of it.


I hope my small article help women to live a healthy life by spreading awareness and education on periods.


Special thanks to portal like Youth Ki Awaaz to help a common man spread the word of what he /she thinks to build a strong nation in form of words for many. Please continue doing the good work as you guys are helping towards strong India with freedom of speech in right sense.


Healthy women leads to make Nation healthy!




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