Posted by prakhar swaroop bhatnagar
January 5, 2018

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Each day passes and we become older,

……….and older 

……….and older.

What remains with us,

is the residue of our karma.

This residue is nothing, but,

the situations that we face everyday.

Clumsiness, biased to sorrows and pain,

forces us to forget our pleasures and to smile.

We forget that

every second in which we become sad,

we reduce ‘that’ second of happiness.

Almost everyone of us has contrite, and thus, 

we become masochists and hug 

zephyr full of thwart.

But again,

this is the cycle of actions and reactions,

this is life !

Where, sentiments become

ripened fruits of fantasy

and opinions become the exercise that helps,

to make a biased decision without any information !

But again,

this is life !

Sometimes, one thinks whether to live it 

or end it !

And then the most powerful people come,

‘family’ !

This six lettered word contains 

the priceless universe in itself.

If life is full of ups and downs,


this six lettered word is here to balance it !

But some of the people don’t have this word in their life !

This is what life tells !






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