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Polietik- The future of Indian Politics and civic engagement

Posted by Polietik
January 29, 2018

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In 2024 it is estimated that India will zoom past China to become the worlds most populous country. Such a scenario will bring a new set of challenges to Indian polity, society and democracy. With resources depleting day by day the Indian government and its citizens must work together to implement policies that appropriately deal with issues that people face on a daily basis and be more involved in the process of electing those who will lead us for the years to come.

Civic engagement is one-way citizens and influencers can collectively shape the countries future. Civic engagement entails a variety of tasks by which citizens can profess their opinions and contribute to the development of their society and country. It can involve sharing opinions on matters of social, economic and political issues that are affecting the country. Creating communities of volunteers who feel strongly about certain issues and use their collective strength to influence local and national level policies. Another aspect of civic engagement involves shaping the electoral future of the country by supporting political candidates, organisations and NGOs etc. By supporting the socio-economic and political vision of an individual financially (donations/Chanda) and morally, citizens are able to ensure that the candidates who they believe are best suited to represent them are elected. Thus, the active participation of citizens in Indian politics will determine if the 21st Century is truly India’s century or not.

Civic engagement in India has been hampered due to the complex nature of Indian society and politics. To overcome this the use of technology is crucial.

POLIETIK is a Social Media platform for politics and civic engagement being developed by Libereco Global Technologies Private Limited has now gone live.
POLIETIK will transform civic engagement by facilitating a formal interaction between two types of users: the Citizens and the Influencers. Citizens refer to general users or the public, while Influencers represent key decision makers such as the politicians, government bodies, and political organizations. As a Citizen, you have the power to “raise your voice”, search for and tag Influencers from your location. While other users can now either “agree” or “disagree” with your voice and “support” issues that matter to you. Apart from the feed, citizens can interact with a dynamic map that shows “voices” and political trends being raised from any location, in real time, and connect with like-minded people in order to influence the outcome of policies and elections. As an Influencer, you will have access to statistics that give you insight into voter’s opinions and gain oversight for the broader political environment. POLIETIK will transform civic engagement through data-driven analysis and techniques in unprecedented ways; it creates a common ground to help people and their elected leaders to work together for the betterment of society.
It is essential citizens take the future of the country in their hands. POLIETIK gives citizens the ability to do so through their phones and desktop. So we urge you to join the POLIETIK revolution and raise your voice.
As the Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai once said ‘It’s the little things that citizens do. That’s what will make the difference’
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