Protest or Oppurtunist Politics

Posted by anuj sahoo
January 24, 2018

Protest were known as  a very good weapon earlier to raise the voice of the public infront of the government. But now a days protest have changed their forms. Now parties are indulging in  strike terrorism and are using their muscle power to terrorise people from moving out of their house or going to any place. What creates a doubt in ny mind is if they are doing protest for the public then why do they terrorise the people for whom they are raising the voice. When u will ask them they will tell u that the suo motto behind this is to make the strike look successful.  Again the parameter of a successful protest being changed just to satisy few vested intrest group who are suffering from political unemployment. Strikes mostly turn out to be a opposition rally , where the government is slammed and all slogans being raised to proove government is bad . Only very few slogans carrying the essence of real issue are taken up . Is this what u call politics , creating problems for the citizens and enjoying publicity . For most of  the citizens strikes are nothing but a holiday to rest peacefully. The people suffering from political unemployment desperately try to get their photo published in newspapers and stream their heroic video in the headlines of newschannel.  Is  it not a time to shift from  the protest based politics to dialogue based politics. It will be difficult for the politicians to come together for a round table meeting to discuss solution but it is the dire need of today. The simple question which will hunt the protestors is what they were doing until now , were they searching for a victim or any such incident. Why couldnot they raise their voices for stronger law much earlier , is it not a failure of opposition also.

We strongly condemn what happened with the girl but that doesn’t playing with the sentiments of people and causing huge loss to the government and other people who are severely affected by strike