Racism towards Bihari

Posted by Pradeep Jha
January 13, 2018

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Racism is not new in our so-called diverse society. Many of us have experienced racism based on region, caste or colour. Believing that a particular race is superior to another is now very common in our country. We have often experienced Anti-Bihari sentiments in many big and small states in our country. The situation is worst in more educated and so-called liberal states. The funny part is many of the migrated community of different states too have anti-Bihari sentiments. Political parties like MNS and Shiva Sena often speak ill of Biharis and UPiets. I have seen a video on the perception of Biharis where many girls and boys were interviewed and asked about their thought. Many of them shared extremely negative thoughts. Some of them were like we are from different planets. I can not change their perceptions. I can only wonder how much do they hate us. It is true that almost 80 percent Biharis are below the poverty line but that does not make us inferior to anyone. 

I can tell you my own experience. I took an Ola Cab from Punjabi Bagh Metro station to reach one of my relative places. During a journey, the cab driver was telling me his experience with two of the Biharis. He was constantly using labour class Biharis to address those guys. I did not say anything but felt pain. I sometimes wonder “Is that what our dream is to make stronger and united India?

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