RAPE : “NO” means “NO”

Posted by Ritika_1405
January 31, 2018

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RAPE as it is defined assaulting a person (generally women ) mentally ,physically or a sexual intercourse forcefully without the victims consent . As the recent events about a 6 year old Pakistani girl raped brutally and then murdered followed by thrown away inhumanly in the dump yard . What was her mistake ?? her mistake was taking toffee innocently from a stranger man . According to a cctv footage came after her death she was found walking with the man who later killed her brutally . How can someone be so inhuman ??? . Nobody can just imagine the pain through which she had gone and survived for sometime . It is really disheartening to see her beautiful pictures and moreover to believe she is no more in this world . This incident created a outrage in Pakistan and also in India . People took to road and demanded justice for the little girl . Some people took to social media platforms  to express their anger and outrage.



In India as reported by National Crime Records Bureau unveiling that 93 women are being raped every day . Who is to be blamed for this brutality ??? not only in India , are women safe around the world ???. One such outrage happened on the night of 16th December 2012 .  A Delhi based intelligent , pursuing MMBS girl was raped in front of her friend by 6 people , brutally assaulted and thrown out of a moving bus to die . People see them notice them and leave . How can we be so inhuman ? how can someone think of doing such inhuman things to a girl . These people are worse then animals even animals couldn’t do such crimes . This incident started outrage in India and youngster , mob took to road to protest against the brutal crime . Did something changed ? Did India became a better and safer place for women to live me ? . The answer is NO one of the minor was not even hanged . This is our legal system . After the most brutal incident , still women are raped in India every day . I say nothing has changed some women leave from their house for work and never return back , some girls are sexually assaulted by their own male relatives , some women have to live with the bitter truth and the mental trauma they go throw their whole lives and moreover the society, we people don’t let them lead their live peacefully by creating the environment of support and love ….. will such women ever try to trust any man ?? I think no , some dead bodies are found in dirty places , parents who have brought up their daughters with love and care and dreamt of her bright future just can’t stop thinking how their daughter died and what pain she must have gone through .

It’s high time that we wake up and raise our voices against this crime against women and teach our brothers , sons , husband to respect women and make them a better person . I believe it’s not an impossible task to make India a country where women’s are safe and free to live . Government should make sure such incident just don’t occur and make serious and strict laws so that no one even dare to attempt such crimes . One such example is “rarest of the rare” case under which the culprit will directly hanged to death . Government need to bring more such laws and empower them . As a citizen and youth of India we should help every person in such situation without fearing the police . At the end I would only say this “RAPES NEED TO BE STOPPED”.


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