Rape With Angels

Posted by Neha Amrev
January 11, 2018

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When does a man rape a woman?

Under what possible conditions does he leave the cloak of a civilised person to emerge as someone driven by naked lust only? In cases of rape, the person is so overpowered by his lust that he physically assaults a woman brutally for his sexual gratification. Revenge is also one among the possible reasons behind rape. After all, we still live in a society which questions the normal happy life of woman, if she happen a rape survivor.

Infact ‘Rape’ is a heinous crime performed by a person of male sex and rape is a horrible accident happening to a person of female sex. Though , rapes are understandable on a different ground. A grown up woman has surely the capability to calm down the lust of a man or any man of earth if he is all set to rape any woman he can find then. Gang rapes and murder are other related issues slaming the hypocrite face of our contemporary society. Nevertheless Judiciary, activists, feminists , socialists , intellectuals…all sorts of concerned human beings are coming together to fight against Rape.

But, no one is able to give valid causes leading to rape and murder of girl child. I see this inhuman crime as a regular news , in the reputed newspaper I eye everyday. How came this earth, this country at this stage that a girl child is raped and murdered for she is female by gender. In an innocent raw age when she has no sense of what is it to be a woman , what is rape, what is sex
She experiences it all ; leaving behind an excruciating pain and traumatic psychological effect. According to data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2015,8800 causes of rape on children was registered across the country. In 94.8 percent of cases, the child was subjected to rape by someone known to her. These cases are increasing at a very fast rate in comparison to that of other crimes.

Kab, kyon aur kaise’ our society, which takes pleasure in the innocency of children reached to this monstrous stage. No one is born a rapist then what turns a normal man in to a lust blind criminal. Demons are hidden and familiar to us, living a normal life like all of us. Keep guarding and increase awareness of little angels of your home, as such men are always in search of loose chance.
I too heard about a popular belief that sleeping with young naive girls cure sexually transmitted disease. This superstition can not be an excuse according to my understanding. Girls of age group 5 to 12 can not be slept with as they are so small in physical stature . They may be subjected to sexual violence but they can not act as an object of lust like teen age girls and women. Then why they are being raped for. Increased habit of watching child pornography prompts men to commit such crimes. India has emerged as one of the biggest contributors and consumers of child pornography despite the legal prohibition. Recently in december 2017, a kerala man Sharad Ali got arrested for sharing a child porn group with 5000 followers. Child porn has capacity to subvert human psychology. Men who are habituated of watching children pornography , feel turned on looking at children. Unhealthy entertainment habits severely fail the safe structure of society. We all need to stay cautious about the men around us.

The other side of this grim picture is that most of the perpetrators against children had been victims of sexual abuse or dysfunctional family . They didn’t receive formal education and do not have any proper vocation. They rape children as having a hidden place in power relations followed by society.

The ten year girl gave birth to a baby of her uncle in chandigarh after being continuously raped by him. The poor child had no idea of what is happening with her until she complained of stomach ache and her parents took her to hospital. The keralite man also commented about a girl child in his group that she didn’t understand anything and enjoyed the moments. How horrible it looks to the eyes of reader. Is there a way out?

Pan Indian counselling for male sex is mandatory in these hard times. Awareness among parents and children can also save some cases from taking place. Make your children differentiate between good and bad touch , when there is always a psychopath unknown around us, waiting to hunt his prey.

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