Raped girl

Posted by Shreyash Tripathi
January 27, 2018

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

I heard a voice,
Screaming and crying in pain,
Its every effort for help went in vain.
But then, I realized,
Its the voice of a sixteen year old girl child.
Though girl, you would have already judged by now,
but to my surprise,
she was shivering in pain,
In the mild rain.
Calling for help
But she did not know,
the predators knew stealth.
They wanted to go and grab her waist,
but were only standing there watching her in gaze.
For the first time in her life,
she wanted them to touch.
Not, to physically abuse her
but, to end her search.
The search for help when she had been raped,
But the pain she was suffering
was a little smaller than her shame.
They all criticised her,
instead of being the pillar of support.
Not identifying the real culprits,
who were roaming on the roads.
After thinking of the shame and her family’s reputation,
She killed all her dreams and all her aspirations.
That night another hand was longing for support,
When another little girl left the earth on that road.
Now you might be wondering,
who the hell am I to  question the world,
As I myself am not doing anything
but watching the deadly pain of that girl.
So, let me tell you a part
saddest of my encounter as a whole.
I was witnessing the situation being a similar raped girl’s soul.

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