Dear Kejriwal, You Threaten Your Own Reputation By Nominating Unknown Faces To Rajya Sabha

Posted by The Liberal Voice in Politics
January 4, 2018

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I did think that you would eventually adapt to the political and polluted environment of New Delhi. However, no one would have expected that this would have been so quick. First of all, I congratulate you on becoming a truly Indian political party. Congratulations on imbibing the path of ‘realpolitik’ where you will have to no more be guided by principles and ideals. Now, you can work as per the considerations and practicalities. Your Rajya Sabha nominations prove this.

You have been the hope for millions of people in this country. Irrespective of whether someone voted for you or not, they had hope. They had hoped that you would do something different. You did, sir. You really did a lot of good things. But all these hopes were loaded with concerns. A supporter of you and your party has always been wary of the unpredictable steps that you could take. But the majority of your supporters never doubted your intentions. You decided to resign. We thought; well, something better would happen. You expelled professor Yogendra Yadav. It made people unhappy but the hope was still alive.

But the day has come for the people to kill all hopes that people had from you and your party. Two people came from nowhere and you have decided to send them to the Rajya Sabha. It means that these two men were the most eligible people you got to send to the upper chamber of the Parliament; a businessman and a chartered accountant. No sir, this is not about Kumar Vishwas. Not sending him to the Rajya Sabha can be called your party’s internal matter. However, sending these two people to the Rajya Sabha raises serious questions and threatens your reputation.

Were these two people dedicated workers of the party? No. Okay, then we come to Manish Sisodia’s argument that one of these two people did a great job in the education and health sector. Many people are doing good work in the education sector. Why did you choose an ex-Congressman? It would have been better if you had chosen Baba Ramdev. He too claims to have done much charity.

The second person, Dass Gupta, was selected for his contributions in ‘economic and government policies’. Seriously? Is he the best economist in your party? Sir, there are surely better persons in your party who have better repute, have better expertise and must be having better acceptance.

Your arguments cannot be substantive. You are defending an act which is not defendable. You have brought down the hopes of millions of Indians. Sending rich people to the Parliament on a no merit basis can never be justified.  Most of your supporters are shocked but they are disappointed more. Should it be seen as the start of the downfall of your party’s ideologies and claims of doing ‘new politics’?

It seems like AAP has conditioned itself and is no more a different party. The ‘realpolitik’ of AAP has begun and I doubt your intentions. Is it a case of quid pro quo? At the first sight, it looks like one. Sir, despite these things I still hope that you will reconsider your decision. Because Aam Admi Party in itself is all about hope. The nation is watching you. So no more realpolitik, sir, please.


A disappointed supporter


Image source: Hindustan Times/ Getty Images