“Reality” really matters?

Posted by Sambhav Garg
January 31, 2018

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Sambhav Garg

I have seen many distinguished persons, using their experience as currency to bow down others, saying you must be practical. You must be realistic. This is 21st century. This is age of science, age of practical wisdom, age of materialism, age of enjoyments and many more such ages. 

Then I think seriously about it. I think what “Reality” really is? Either it is experience of some handful peoples, whom we consider “Successful” and somewhat more “Human” than ours. Then again what is standard of “Success” which make anyone “Successful” . Either that standard is number of  You-tube subscribers,  Facebook likes, Big Car etc.

I again come to “Reality”. Take one example. There has been much said about “Rising Sun”. One feel motivated when he see “Sun” rising every day, after dark night. He is compelled by this motivation to do work. To start action. And at the end of the day, his task completed and he feels successful. But sun really rise at all . Is it a reality that sun rise every day?  It is not so. It does not really rise at all. Then where this “Realism” goes. In this case we are contradicting “Reality”.


Take one more example. Today was day of lunar eclipse. If we go beyond boundaries of earth then we see, it is no such a big phenomena. Simple astronomical phenomena. This one,happens in 150 years. But it is small number compared to millions of years of history of earth.


In both cases what we perceived reality, from different visions, is only matter of our perception. Can we define a universal perception once, and for all?  No, We can’t define.

I will quote a hymn from veda -“ अहं ब्रह्म जगत्मिथ्याम”. Its simple meaning is no truth is perfect.  Nothing is perfect.

So in conclusion I would say , What we consider “Reality” may be “Imagination” for other and vice versa. And “Reality” does not matter only,our need and popular perception matters.  

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