Respect the abundance

Posted by Himani Shah
January 23, 2018

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Ever since we start comparing ourselves with others, our lives, emotional state, we embark on a journey towards belittling ourselves, we just magnify our problems (more specifically fear of problems that are yet to come OR THAT WILL NEVER COME), we just assume ourselves as a beggar in heaven and that never ending loop of negativity, inferiority, underachievement continues, spiraling not inside out, but from the end of the loop towards its inside, like we are sinking down a great dark well, falling and not even trying to hold on. This is what I call hatred to oneself (often we call it depression). We all already know half of our lives problems starts when we starts comparing ( oh look he has a BMW, what I have – a Toyota, that too after soo many years, and we ultimately fail to realise that he might have a car debt on him or ultimately the purpose of both the vehicles is to carry us from one place to another). Being happy and satisfied are always difficult and different too, we can be happy and crave for bigger things in life (i.e. being unsatisfied), which is not bad but craving for life to fulfill your wishes today, yes it is bad, everything will take time, it has a set course. You have abundance — look down deep within you, you are a perfect human being capable of acquiring knowledge and wealth, you are in a world where earning is not difficult but sacrificing the comforts to garner strength to work harder each day is. So you realised that I mentioned comforts, it itself is a proof that you already are expierencing the abundance. So quit those social media sites which force you down to believe that your life is pathetic, everybody else is happy (but isn’t), concentrate on the abundance you already have got and multiply it, create those factors that will help you to reach infinity, without feeling low, inferior or undeserving, but pass this journey, enjoy it with grace, peace of mind, hope and positivity because if you respect this abundance you will ultimately respect your whole self and nature is always mimicking, it will inturn respect and love you.

Barriers within you (bad seeds) can burry you, but barriers in your journey (good seeds) can help you grow.

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