Review of reservation

Posted by Ajay Gupta
January 4, 2018

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Many people are talking about reservation without knowing about it properly. And they are also not giving solutions. Just both sides they are making there points strong enough. One section is saying that we were harassed by many years, another one is saying that we are getting different treatment now. No one’s talking by taking neutral side , just they are focusing on their side. Both are right on their places. If we really want review that reservation then we should forget to do discrimination on the basis of caste. And if we want no discrimination then we should forget about reservation. There’s only one solution, we have to take strong decisions. We should make fix year plans for reservation, and reservation should be at financial ground with in reserved categories. All the government employees, representatives of public and some professional persons like Doctor, Engineering, Professors,Advocates, Media Persons, medium and big businessmen, and their decedents, businesswomen should not get benefits of reservation. Then reservation will reach to those persons who are actually deserving. Otherwise it will not work even it will create gaps in our society.

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