Rohingya – a threat or not

Posted by priya saini
January 26, 2018

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The answer is very neutral because in some ways they can also be a threat and in some other ways they cannot be regarded as threat . The explaination is that they can be regarded as threat because the terrorists group can use them against us and our economy level will also go down . The second thing is why they are not regarded as threat because they were many rohingya muslims who were living in India over decades they still haven’t done anything wrong . They are just rohingya muslims who fled from rakhine to other neighbouring countries in search of place food and living. Rohingyas are not threat not terrorists . Twenty three year old Mohammad Imran a rohingya was very disheartened by after seeing that India sees rohingya muslims as a national threat . We all know that India is a secular country we all know that India is a country where all people are being treated equally where all religions are equal there is no specific religion as a state religion .

Our Indian government should provide a special ambassador for resolving the crisis with Myanmmar government to resolve the crisis .

They should arrange a special conference for the buddhist majority under the leadership of Dalai Lama and request them to peacefully resolve the crisis .

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