For The First Time Ever, Saudi Women Allowed To Attend Football Match

Posted by shakeel ahmad in GlobeScope, Sexism And Patriarchy
January 15, 2018

Women in Saudi Arabia have finally got the opportunity of watching football at their country’s stadium. It was not easy – however, change is the law of nature.

Everything changes with the passing of time. Even Saudi Arabia opened its stadiums for women after accepting the change. For the longest time, women in Saudi Arabia were barred from partaking in such activities.

Viewing the matches in the stadium was also forbidden. But now, this restriction no longer exists. Women can now enter the stadium and watch local or international soccer matches.

For the first time in forever, women were allowed to be present in the King Abdullah Sports City stadium in Jeddah. They enjoyed the match between the two local football teams.

Image Credit: STRINGER / AFP/Getty Images

However, they were separated out in the stands from the men-only crowd with designated seating in the so-called ‘family‘ section.

Nevertheless, it was a big deal for the women of the oil-rich country.

The male only venues of King Fahad stadium in Riyadh, King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, and Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd stadium in Dammam have now been opened to women spectators.

Women in Saudi Arabia did not instantly jump from nothingness to modernity. They have been yearning for a transformation for a long time.