TEDx Talk on Seeds of Dreams

Posted by Manisha Bhatia
January 17, 2018

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Every individual aspires to achieve something in life. We all dream and wish to live our dreams. But dreams are to be nurtured like a baby so that they bloom into reality one day. Author and storyteller Manisha tells us on how can we sow seeds of our dream and how can we achieve what we dream of. Manisha Bhatia is an individual of many talents. Her multidimensional experiences in content developing and marketing, besides her persona as an artist, have molded her into a celebrated and well-respected woman in and around the city. She is a management graduate who decided to pursue her passion for art in distinctly creative ventures, that were soon to be her trademark. She has an impressive base of admirers through her blogs, poetry recitations and all the stories and articles she has published along the way. She has so vividly left her mark on poetry sessions and festivals that she has received a special mention for them. Manisha is best known for her poetry compositions in the initial stages of her as a poet, one of which is ‘Vaapsi’, featured in the famous ‘Life Nama’ anthology. Her debut novel, When My Father Cried has garnered rave reviews from the readers and acted as a catalyst for her growing popularity. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


A brief snippet of The TEDx Talk Idea, Seeds of Dreams

As the famous singer, author and actress Debby Boone has said- Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream

The very essence of mankind is defined by the seeds of dreams sown in our hearts and how passionately we nurture them to turn them into reality.

These seeds are often the glimpse of future, nurtured into full bloom. Let’s take a very small example-

A small piece of land is lying idle in the backyard of your apartment. You see it every day and ignore it until one day this forgotten piece of land germinates the seeds of having a beautiful garden behind your house. Similarly, your life is the garden of your dreams, you sow the seeds of dreams, nurture it and reap the outcomes later. Sometimes in the form of becoming a TedX speaker.

So what these seeds are?

They are basically your imagination, your thoughts or just an idea you conceived towards an outcome, a goal or more precisely a dream of creating something beautiful in your life or for the mankind.

The first thought born in you, will rapidly interconnect to multiple thoughts, like what would you like to have in your garden, fruits? Flowers? Or just you desire to enhance that barren piece of land to life.Whatever your dream may be, it will further motivate your plan of action.

The most powerful and beautiful example is when the seeds of new life are sown in a woman’s womb and she imagines of creating a new life and her future with the child.

In fact, all great dreams begin with the seeds sown in our hearts.

Second Step-

These seeds of dreams are actually the“defining moments” of your lives.Hence, just planting them is not enough! You have to nurture it with absolute love, faith, and dedication so that you can see your dreams growing into reality.

For example- When a writer writes first poetry and envisions her first book, a dancer performs in front of the mirror and envisions her first stage performance or if I put it more beautifully when two life partners envision their future during their first eye contact.

Third Step-

Now that you are nurturing the beautiful seeds of dreams into your life, you will embark on a journey of certain changes to accomplish that dream. The changes can be big or small however they all will cumulatively lead to a defined outcome, you have been relentlessly and passionately nurturing in your heart day and night. Precisely,Seeds of Dreams are the harbinger of change”.

Like I did, friends from writing one poem to writing a full-fledged novel. But that didn’t happen overnight. That one poetry sowed the seeds of creating a blog, having a poetry book, reciting them at poetry fests and events and eventually writing a full-fledged novel. Now all the actions in my life were directed towards accomplishing it.

But this “change” that I’m talking here is not a matter of overnight. It is the outcome of multiple small changes you make every day with complete dedication and discipline, motivated by the seeds of dreams nurturing in your heart.

So just dreaming is hollow until unless you adopt the changes demanded by it in your life to witness that changed life you have been dreaming of!

I would like to end my talk with a quote of my book-

For only the dreamers who follow their dreams relentlessly, wake up to the glorious dawn!

Manisha Bhatia


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